2. League

Player will get token HGOLD after winning in league. every Saturday, the top 128 heroes with points in PVP will enter league directly, and heroes can play in PVP and league at the same time.

The League is divided into two stages: qualifiers and eliminations based on points system.

🎯Qualifier Round

  • Qualifying is a randomized 1 vs 3

128 players play qualifying and accumulate points. Each player who enters the Qualifier Round will be randomly matched with 127 other players to play against each other, with points awarded for victory and points deducted for failure. If two players have the same number of points, the player with the higher power will advance to the elimination round.

🏆Elimination Round

  • The elimination round is 1 vs 1

The 32 players generated in the qualifiers will go to the elimination rounds. The elimination rounds are divided into 16 rounds, 8 rounds, 4 rounds, semi-finals and finals. The winner can enter the next round of elimination rounds until the final champion is produced.

When the number of rounds reaches the upper limit, the winner is not determined, and the player with higher combat power wins.

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