4. Durability


participate in PVE, PVP and land exploration.


1 durability is paid for each PVE level, 1 durability is paid for each PVP battle, and 1 durability is paid for each land exploration.


You will be unable to continue fighting after your durability is depleted, but you can rejoin the battle when your durability is restored.

⚡️Durability calculation

Each player (wallet address) has 12 basic durabilities, up to a maximum of 19 durabilities.

Durability for each player (wallet address) = base durability + the highest star bonus of the hero owned by the wallet address.

For example: if a player (wallet address) has 8 heroes, 3 with 6 stars and 5 with 4 stars, then 6 stars is the highest star level of the hero he has and his durability is 18 = 12 + 6

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