PVE Level

In the PVE game mode, everyone starts fairly. The game picks the winner based on whether you make the best decision (choose the right building, hero upgrades, equipment).

How to play

  • You need to pay 1 durability for each PVE level

  • Each PVE level requires at least 1-3 hero

  • The harder the level, the more experience you can gain and the more shards or tokens you can get

  • The higher the combat attributes of the hero, the higher the chance of winning the PVE level

  • The initial combat attribute of hero is determined by his camp and profession

- Hero's initial combat attribute = base combat attribute + camp bonus + profession bonus

  • Challenged levels can be repeated, and the battle is won when all enemy targets are defeated within the specified number of rounds


After winning a PVE battle, players can gain experience and tokens HGOLD, and have a chance to get hero's shard.

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