2. Land Exploration

Players manually place hero into the land for exploration to get tokens HONOR and have a chance to get hero's shard .

✨Land Levels

  • There are 5 levels of land.

  • The higher the land level, the more tokens HONOR each hero can produce per hour.

  • The higher the land level, the more heros can be placed in the exploration, and there is a bonus as the number increases.

🏰Land camps

There are 5 camps for the land: Fortress, Abyss, Nature, Darkness, and Sacred.

When the hero placed in the land is of the same camp as the land camp, each hero of the same camp will have a 1% bonus to the hourly output of HONOR tokens.

💸Income withdraw

  • After placing hero into the land for exploration, the latest income will be refreshed every 1 hour.

  • You can withdraw the income within 4 hours, but the income will not increase if you do not withdraw it for more than 2 days.

  • Withdrawal of income has loss.The higher the hero's computing power, the smaller the loss.

🗻Stone Consumption

Each time you place a hero into the land exploration, you need to pay 1000 HGOLD or stones.After withdrawing the income, you need to manually place the hero into the land exploration again.

  • The higher the level, the more stones you need to consume.

  • The amount of stones required for placing heros on different levels of land is different.

How to get stone

① There is a chance to get stone in PVE victory and PVP battle victory

② You can also pay HGOLD to buy stones

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