💸Play to Earn and Social

In HonorLand, players can earn income by holding land, while various competitive PK rewards are for players to share.

1. Transaction income

  • Hero Trading: Selling heroes to get income

  • Equipment transaction: sell equipment to obtain income

  • Land transaction: gain income from land transaction

2. Battle rewards

  • PVP Arena: At the end of each season, players will receive token rewards according to their rankings

  • PVE level: Players will gain experience and tokens after victory, and have a chance to get fragments

  • League Awards: The winner will get a certain reward

  • Contest quiz: Place a bet on the winner of the knockout round, and the success of the quiz will be rewarded with tokens according to the odds

3. Land income

  • Land exchange: The value of the Land differs, and the players get profits from selling in the market

  • Land exploration income:Players place hero into the land for exploration will get tokens HONOR and have a chance to get hero's shard

  • Public resource: After the player defeats the monster or owner of the public resource land, they can grab part of the income from the public resource land

  • Advertising income: You can rent out your own land space as an advertising space to others or brands to obtain income

4. Social Rewards

  • Recommendation rewards: Invite new players to receive generous rewards

  • Acting players: Help friends manage the land, cultivate heroes, etc. to obtain additional income

5. Daily tasks

  • Task reward: Players who complete daily tasks will be rewarded with 20HGOLD

  • Daily tasks: 1 time to log in the game, 5 times to PVE, 3 times to PVP victory

  • Task time: daily time is calculated by UTC + 0

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