4.Repurchase and Burn

Policies that can help facilitate Token Burn and Value increment

  1. Of the 500BNB raised in the pre-sale phase, 90% will be added to the LP and the other 10% will be used for token buyback and burn.

  2. When players sell HONOR, 4% of the money will be used to buy back and destroy tokens.

  3. When a player sells HGOLD, 10% of it is burn.

  4. When a player obtains NFT by paying HONOR in the game's store, the paid HONOR will be burn.

  5. 5% of HONOR earned by selling NFT in the in-game marketplace will be burn directly.

  6. HGOLD paid by players to upgrade their equipment in the game will now be burn.

  7. HGOLD paid to unlock hero levels will now be burn.

  8. HGOLD paid by the player when purchasing a teleporter stone will now be burn.

  9. 5% of the HGOLD that players withdraw from the game into their wallets is burn.

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