3. Profession and Tribe

The profession of Heros

Hero is divided into 3 professions.
different professions have different combat attribute values addition.Different attributes give heroes different upgrade routes. The perfect cooperation of different professions in team battles is the key to victory.
Each hero determines a profession at birth and cannot be changed.
πŸ”ΈTank (attributes are biased towards more health and stronger defense)
πŸ”ΈDamage (attributes are biased towards higher attack power and faster speed)
πŸ”ΈSupport (the attributes are more average and some control capabilities are added at the same time)

Hero's tribe bonus

HonorLand has set up 5 hero's camps.
HonorLand sets up different hero tribes.Heroes of different camps restrain each other in PVE and PVE, increasing the strategy and playability of the game.
For example:
When A restrains B, B will be damaged more than if B is attacked without restraint.
When B restrains A, B will be damaged less than if B is attacked without restraint.
Each hero determines a camp at birth and cannot be changed.
πŸ•Œ Fortress: Restrain the abyss tribe camp
πŸ•³ Abyss: Rrestrain the natural camp
🌲 Naturally: Restrain the dark camp
🌘 Dark: Restrain the fortress camp
⭐️ Sacred: Restrain the four camps of fortress, abyss, nature, and dark camp
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The profession of Heros
Hero's tribe bonus